Membership Requirements

  • The Plainfield Senior Citizen’s Services Program is open to all Plainfield residents 55 years of age and older and their spouses.   Proper identification is required such as; proof of residency, a valid NJ drivers’ license, tax or rent receipt. 
  • There is no fee to join and no membership dues are required.  Interested persons must come to the Center any weekday between 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM to register for membership and become part of Plainfield’s active mature population.
  • Associate Membership is available to all interested persons who meet the age requirements and who have relocated from Plainfield.  Although an Associate Member may participate in all programs Plainfield residents have first preference.
  • Associate Members may partake in clubs at the center with the right to vote concerning club issues, as long as he/she is in good standing with the center and the club. 
  • Senior citizens of other communities may participate in classes offered by the Center if space is available in the particular class. A fee may be assessed.
  • Non- residents that do not meet Senior Center or Associate Member requirements are considered guests and must be sponsored by a Plainfield member in good standing to partake of the centers programs.  Any other request must be submitted to the Director and may be reviewed by the Cares Committee.


Membership Participation

All members are eligible to participate in the Center’s programs. The Director reserves the right to adjust or limit participation in certain programs and activities when a member’s behavior changes significantly so as to affect their ability to perform and/or have an adverse effect on other members.

  Confidentiality will be adhered to in all matters of social concerns.